Czechoslovakia and the similarities to other eastern European communist regimes

Dr. Oldrich Tuma tried to explain to us that sometimes, when you’re trying to make a puzzle at different times, the pieces might work together in different ways.

“During these 40 years the situation changed.

For some periods ( after 56, early 60’s), the situation in Czechoslovakia was very similar to Poland. […] Hungary between 53 and 56, and Eastern Germany had a similarity.

Maybe the most parallel developments were in Czechoslovakia after 1969 and in Germany during the 70’s and 80’s. Similar social… ladder of social economic development and same rigid methods used by the regime to control the society […]. Preferred to send people abroad and send them to prison and things like that…

so I think you would find similar methods and general parts of the picture but it’s not easy to say that this country was the same case as the other country. After all, all the communist counties were simply based on the same communist ideology, one thing and the other thing it’s that all were based on the example of the Soviet Union. So they tried to implement the soviet reality into their countries especially in the 50’s (again with the help or with the assistance of Soviet advisors).  I think different countries had similar rates. There were many reasons why the situations were similar but together there were different phases and periods where there were loosing control and then strictering the control and so on. I think to find parallels and differences is a good thing, but it’s not so easy to say Czechoslovakia was like Poland and was different to Romania.”


Marina Gogeanu

Interview transcribed by: Mwen Fikirini


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