The Former Parliament Building – Prague

At the top of Wenceslas Square next to the majestic National Museum is an unattractive Communist era building. Resembling a giant black glass table that just so happened to sit on another building, this eyesore is anything but pleasing. From 1966-1973 the old building that housed the original Exchange was destroyed to make way for the Communist Parliament, a glass monstrosity with two giant pillars. The building is still complete with nuclear shelters. The demands of the Velvet Revolution were accepted here in 1989 and the building was the of home of Radio Free Europe who rented the location from former president Vaclav Havel for a very small fee per year (rumor has it that the fee was 1 kc). Radio Free Europe has moved to a new location out of the center or Prague and the Old Parliament building is now under the ownership of the National Museum

Bauhaus architecture is a great style of architecture for those who prefer minimalism as well as function or style. Buildings constructed from the Bauhaus design are always cubic in shape. They feature four flat sides as well as flat roof tops. The colors of the typical Bauhaus building are generally black, white, grey or sometimes beige – however an owner can change the color if desired.

The interior of the home or building reflects a functional, open floor plan. Generally, the interior of the homes are often minimalist or contemporary – but it can depend entirely on the owner’s preference. Originally, these homes are designed with function in mind.

The National Museum also known as the Former Parliament Building, is a drab grey concrete building, which can be traced to the Bauhaus architecture, it has distinctive features of a Bauhaus building, the flat roof, glass walls, right angles. The Bauhaus has influenced architectural design since the 1920s and 1930s, this continues today as we can see that the Former Parliament Building has being influenced by the Bauhaus architectural design.

Lesoda Otu-Iso


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