Museum of Communism


Museum Ticket

The Prague Communism Museum is an experience in unintentional irony amidst the telling of a tragic story.   This museum looks at what Czech society and life was like under the Communist regime.  It does a remarkable job of telling the history of Communism in the Czech Republic and the process through which it became a satellite of the Soviet Union.

Inside the museum there are artifacts and pictures that interprets the history well and yes you can learn a lot about the history of the Czech Republic throughout its capital city, but the Museum of Communism is one of the few ways to learn about the people involved with the making of that history.

Prague Commmunist Museum


Inside the museum




A Grocery Store

A contemporary living room

A contemporary living room

Interestingly The Museum is situated in the middle of the main shopping district, next to a McDonald’s and in the same building as a casino.


Rose Muzvondiwa


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